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          FILE PHOTO: Biotech Sorrento Therapeutics during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in California


          As the world awaits a vaccine, the next big advance in battling the pandemic could come from a class of biotech therapies widely used against cancer and other disorders - antibodies designed specifically to attack this new virus.

          • 2021中国绿色物流发展报告:为绿色环保装上“加速器”_央广网:2021-12-6 · 2021中国绿色物流发展报告:为绿色环保装上“加速器”,在此基础上,菜鸟与全球30多家合作伙伴加速推进“绿色行动计划”,从仓储、包装、到运输配送各环节展开“绿色”建设,并在末端大力推广快递纸箱回收。申通通过使用可降解的快递袋、避免过度包装、定期回收再利用等措施,减少包装 ...
          • Rival drugmakers launch joint trial
          • Anxious WHO implores world to 'do it all'
          • Long-term toll signals billions in healthcare costs ahead



          Teachers in car parades protest reopening U.S. schools while coronavirus lurks


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          • Next big COVID-19 treatment may be manufactured antibodies

          • 加速ins用什么软件

          • Congressional Democrats, White House cite progress in talks on coronavirus bill

          • 【报告】菜鸟发布中国绿色物流报告 物流用上“加速器”:报告表明,2021年,在菜鸟平台的绿色行动引领下,合作伙伴纷纷加大环保力度,中国物流业环保升级明显加速。 例如,中国邮政全面启动包装减量、胶带瘦身、循环回收等计划,首批13万个绿色标准箱、38000个免胶带箱、2.5万卷窄版胶带已投入使用。

          • Trump withdraws nomination of controversial figure to Pentagon post

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          • AIG quarterly profit tumbles on catastrophe losses, private-equity losses

          • 老菜鸟——【加速器×2】『我运气真好』_哔哩哔哩 (゜-゜)つロ ...:2021-1-3 · 我用两个加速器,你网速还不行?我得到我想要的枪了***UP 主 老菜鸟——【加速器×2】『我运气真好』 游戏 网络游戏 2021-01-03 12:06:24--播放 · --弹幕 未经作者授权,禁止转载-- -- -- -- 稿件投诉 ...

          • GM asks judge to reinstate racketeering case against rival Fiat Chrysler

          • Tyson Foods names new CEO as coronavirus raises costs

          • 菜鸟加速器官方

          • Syria's air defenses intercept 'hostile targets' above southwestern Damascus countryside

          • Dollar, equities gain on upbeat data, Microsoft

          • Japan's Seven & i seals $21 billion deal for Marathon Petroleum's Speedway gas stations

          • Mnuchin says 'a little bit' closer to larger virus aid deal

          • Former king Juan Carlos leaves Spain, reports say, amid corruption allegations

          • 菜鸟加速器官方

          • 菜鸟加速器官方

          • Nasdaq hits record high close as traders eye M&A and stimulus

          • California governor says COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, trending down

          • Fauci says states seeing surge in COVID-19 cases should reconsider some lockdown measures

          • Judge rejects Trump restrictions on coronavirus sick leave for employees

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          U.S. FAA proposes requiring key Boeing 737 MAX design changes

          The Federal Aviation Administration said on Monday it is proposing requiring four key Boeing 737 MAX design changes to address safety issues seen in two crashes that killed 346 people and led to the plane's grounding in March 2019.


          House panel investigates DHS office over Portland, other protests

          The U.S. House Intelligence Committee launched an investigation on Monday into the Department of Homeland Security's intelligence office, including its actions in Portland, Oregon, and its involvement in other anti-racism protests across the country.


          Hundreds of prisoners flee before Afghan forces end Islamic State jail siege

          Afghan security forces on Monday killed at least 10 Islamic State fighters who had taken control of a prison in the eastern city of Jalalabad, ending a siege in which hundreds of prisoners escaped.

          U.S. manufacturing activity near 1-1/2-year high, factory job losses persist

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          Google unveils first 5G phones, cuts price on base Pixel model

          Google's first 5G-enabled phones, Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5, will be available this fall at a starting price of $499, the Alphabet Inc unit said on Monday.

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          Fed policymakers call for fiscal support to save U.S. economy

          AIG quarterly profit tumbles on catastrophe losses, private-equity losses

          GM asks judge to reinstate racketeering case against rival Fiat Chrysler


          Argentine lawmaker, sources, say debt deal near on eve of deadline

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          New Jersey governor retightens restrictions on indoor gatherings after COVID-19 surge

          Israeli aircraft hit Syria after squad tried to bomb border fence, military says

          Israel says it strikes Syria targets in response to border incident


          Microsoft talks to buy TikTok's U.S. operations spark ire in China

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          Location of TikTok headquarters is a matter for ByteDance: PM Johnson's spokesman



          Mnuchin says 'a little bit' closer to larger virus aid deal

          Pelosi says coronavirus aid talks with Mnuchin, Meadows to continue Tuesday


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          Trump says he does not mind if Microsoft buys TikTok

          China's ByteDance to consider international HQ for TikTok, outside U.S.

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